Eye Catching Visuals Can Make Or Break Your Website

Whatever its industry, creating content is a key factor of the radiation of a brand: it takes beautiful visuals to sell his pair of shoes and beautiful slides to present its offer to a client. The shape is as important as substance. Here are some key areas to focus your attention:

The copyright-free. Several sites are available, as Unsplash, or Albumarium Designers Pics (most sites on the design blog Canva). The quest for good pictures is a tedious but essential task because a picture is worth a thousand words! Nothing worse than the photo “already seen” bad, too small, pixelated. A good picture has to make sense, convey emotion and be of quality. The top remains to make his own visual with a professional photographer!

The pictograms. Pictograms and infographics are very useful to illustrate a concept or offer. The Noun Project GraphicBurger or offer in many, in different styles. For web use only, FontAwesome is practical.

The mockups. Show a site, an application or a situation adds value to the design by the context. For example, when you present a new application, it is more attractive to see the built-in iPhone screen itself held by someone on the street or stood on a beautiful wooden desk, rather than seeing the same screen on a blank slide. Placeit is a handy tool to create these visuals and more, it is free for small sizes (between $ 8 and $ 60 for others). One can also find on GraphicBurger but the placement of the photo can be tricky if you do not master Photoshop.

Funds. To dress the presentation slides, or a site with a texture or image, and subtle Pattern GraphicBurger are excellent sources.

The colors. Please note, colors have meanings, such as courage and excitement for red, health and peace for the green (infographic here). Do not combine more than 5, usually 1 or 2 colors and 3 majority secondary colors. One can create his own graphic palette on Adobe Kuler.

Typefaces. To go beyond Calibri or Arial, you can download fonts from Google Font, used in PowerPoint or on the web. Do not use more than 2, for example, for titles and body text. In choosing a typeface, we must be attentive to two things: consistency with the brand and readability! Before even beginning to read the first word on a web site, the user first judges it by its visual impact through things like color, design, and typography. This sends an instant, and in many ways subconscious,  message about the content and purpose of a site to the reader- all before a single word is read! A good company who offers IT support can make sure a lot of this is done for you. The quality and tone of typography also send messages about the people who made the site. A bad typo choice damages the image of the site while a good typography choice instantly cements a good first impression. It’s that simple. It is also necessary to know how to go about creating this good impressions and avoiding the bad ones.

Typography is the “voice” of design and the most valuable tool available to the designer to communicate with their desired reader. In the eleventh book of the collection A Book Apart, Jason Santa Maria wants to bring the reader to see beyond the code and ornaments to discover how typography shapes the way we read and how to adapt the practices of discipline on the screen . Web designers will learn in this book to handle the police with wit and talent: how to judge the policies, evaluate the technical, typographical create systems and build its collection of favorite characters.

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